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Cell Phone manufacturers are constantly updating their offerings.  Lately the move has been to taller and narrower models while maintaining their very thin profiles.  To keep up we have come up with FOUR NEW HOLSTER DESIGNS for the newest designs from Apple and Samsung and others.  Even after adding protective covers, these new phones are not as wide and not as thick as their earlier models, but we have you covered.  With 14 holster models we cover over 95% of the smart phone and protective cover combinations on the market.  

If you don’t see one that fits your phone, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a solution for you.  Call us at 717-295-6804 or email us at to help us find the model just right for you.  We know some of you carry ruggedized phones or flip phones that do not fit the dimensions of the more popular phones with huge screens and thin profiles.  We have solutions for most of those phones as well.  Just give us a call.

If you are in the market for tool cases, flashlight holsters, pager cases, first responder cases, or pouches for anything else you carry, check out or newly remodeled website.  It doesn’t have all 500 of our wide variety of holsters on the site yet but we are working on it.

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